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Our Psychologists and Staff

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Dr Rachael Macdonald - Educational and Developmental Psychologist and Clinical Neuroscientist
B.A. (Psych); M.Litt. (Psych); M.Psych.Ed; D.Psych.Ed., BCN

Dr Rachael's personal practice philosophy aims to integrate comprehensive, cutting-edge psychological and neuroscience assessments, with developmental, neuropsychotherapeutic and cognitive behavioural intervention techniques, and traditional mindfulness-based healing traditions…

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Kate Ward - Psychologist
B.A. (Psych); Post Grad. Dip. (Psych)

Kate's aim is to integrate psychological assessment with developmental, psychological and behavioural interventions with a strong focus on skills based therapies… More

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Olga Torgovnikova - Clinical Psychology Registrar
BPsychSc; BPsychSc(Hons); MPsych(Clin); MAPS

Olga's interest is in working with children and adolescents who are experiencing anxiety, depressive symptoms or emotion regulation difficulties. Her special interest is working with people with past adverse or traumatic experiences that impact their daily functioning…

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Gillian Ash - Psychologist
B. Psych; Post Grad. Dip. (Psych)

Gillian aims to integrate psychological assessment with cognitive and behavioural interventions, focusing on the individuals strengths and enhancing skills. Gillian has a strong interest in mindfulness based therapies…

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Jordyn Peart - NDIS Psychological Therapy Assistant
B.A. (Psych); B.A. (Crim)

Jordyn is a graduate of a double Bachelor of Psychological Science/ Bachelor of Criminology at Deakin University and a current student of the Post-Graduate Diploma of Psychology (Advanced) at Monash University. After completing this year of University, Jordyn plans to undergo provisional supervised psychology practice for 2 years with Dr. Rachael whilst she undertakes a Master’s Degree in Psychology… More

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Jessica Peart - Reception

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Dr Apollo - Therapy Cat (Maine Coon)
"Cuddle and Play" Therapy

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