Psychologists and Staff

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Dr Rachael Macdonald - Educational and Developmental Psychologist and Clinical Neuroscientist
B.A. (Psych); M.Litt. (Psych); M.Psych.Ed; D.Psych.Ed., BCN
Cert. rTMS; Cert. tDCS

Dr Rachael's personal practice philosophy aims to integrate comprehensive, cutting-edge psychological and neuroscience assessments, with developmental, neuropsychotherapeutic and cognitive behavioural intervention techniques, and traditional mindfulness-based healing traditions…

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Gillian Ash - Psychologist
B. Psych; Post Grad. Dip. (Psych)

Gillian aims to integrate psychological assessment with cognitive and behavioural interventions, focusing on the individuals strengths and enhancing skills. Gillian has a strong interest in mindfulness based therapies…

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Kate Ward - Psychologist
B.A. (Psych); Post Grad. Dip. (Psych)

Kate's aim is to integrate psychological assessment with developmental, psychological and behavioural interventions with a strong focus on skills based therapies. More

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Corneli Oosthuizen - Psychologist
BA.SocSci; B.Ed (Hons); M.Ed (South Africa)

Corneli’s aim is to integrate psychological assessment with psychological and developmental interventions with a strong focus on enhancing skills and psychological well-being…More

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Cameron Macdonald - Neurofeedback Technician and Business Manager

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Dr Apollo - Therapy Cat (Maine Coon)
"Cuddle and Play" Therapy